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The Panthers defense yesterday was as much

By douhua2233 at Jan. 8, 2019, 3:26 a.m., 30 hits

The Panthers defense yesterday was as much the story of their loss to the Falcons as it was the story of their victory over the Cowboys a week ago. Tevin Coleman became the first back in 22 games to rush for over 100 yards against Carolina. Matt Ryan did his best Cam Newton impression to the tune of 2 touchdowns. Luke Kuechly missed a tackle that allowed Tevin Coleman to rush for 27 yards down the Panthers’ sideline Womens Greg Van Roten Jersey , y’all. That isn’t going to happen every day.The optimistic takeaway from yesterday isn’t that the Panthers held Julio Jones to under 300 yards receiving, its that the Falcons won because the Panthers defense had a one in a million fluke game. Its that the offense is still struggling to figure out how to use its best players — or to best use its players — and yet they were still a few drive-stalling drops away from taking control of that game.Take a step back and look at the coverage leading up to Sunday. We couldn’t stop talking about the injuries to the Panthers offense. Greg Olsen is missing and freshman offensive coordinator Norv Turner was tasked with making a game plan around an offensive line whose healthy members couldn’t get jobs as stunt doubles if Keanu Reeves decided to remake the Replacements. We aren’t talking about that today because they did a serviceable job. That is phenomenal.Newton threw the ball from clean pockets a few more times (read: even once) than I expected. Christian McCaffrey and CJ Anderson had room to run sometimes. The problem was that the same could be said for Ryan and the Falcons. It would have been nice if the Panthers had recorded even a single sack.The defense seemed a step behind the Falcons on every play that the Falcons didn’t run perfectly. The Falcons ran too many plays perfectly. It was not a combination the Panthers were able to beat — except that they were. Newton threw one of the most accurate passes I’ve seen in his career on a Hail Mary attempt that would have seen most passers range between bouncing the ball short of the end zone and sending it way out of bounds. Newton’s ball bounced off of DJ Moore’s arm in the middle of three defenders. If you thoughtMoore caught that ball at first then you are not alone.The only time the offense was truly frustrating was when they spent the opening half racking up false start penalties. I’m looking at you, Torrey Smith. Between those penalties and the drops by your teammates, Newton was once again let down by his team. Punch one more game like that and he gets a free, disappointing lunch at Texas Roadhouse.The trick to remember is that Smith is a veteran. He’ll get that under control. The Panthers don’t come nearly as close in their comeback without a few of his catches. Jarius Wright, Anderson, and Ian Thomas share as much blame as he does.The Panthers were able to beat the Falcons yesterday, they just didn’t. The combination of things it took the Falcons to pull off that victory is a rare thing and that’s great news for the Panthers in a division where the Bucs may actually be a team again. The Falcons may have won, but they didn’t look like they could have played much better. The Panthers have obvious leaps and bounds they can take.Division games are always crazy and this one took place in week 2. Teams hardly know who they are at this point. All we know is that the Panthers have displayed Youth Ryan Kalil Jersey , at times, a dominant defense and a competent offense. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with only half of that combination. Joe Flacco did too. Do any of you really think Newton is in such a lowly tier as either of those guys? Of course you don’t. Newton’s is averaging more than 65% completions this year. I hear that’s elite.The Panthers have all of the pieces to play meaningful football through January and guys besides that are busy getting healthy to shore up the obvious weaknesses. We know they can play defense. We know Cam Newton is great at more than throwing passes for his receivers to drop. The start of a season is always weird as injuries and realities define the tension between what a team wants to do and what it is capable of doing.For now, the recipe for success in the Carolinas seems pretty simple. Newton needs to keep being himself. Kuechly needs to learn how to tackle. DJ Moore needs to continue his progression from week to week. The Bengals will teach us a lot about the reality of this team and the bye week will come just in time for the Panthers to address that before the rest of the season. The Carolina Panthers were dead in the water Sunday after three quarters of anemic offense, untimely (and sometimes unfair) penalties, and generally bad play and playcalling. No one watching that game ever could have expected that Cam Newton and his battalion were going to make a late surge to overcome a 17 point deficit on the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles home field to win the game.But that was exactly what he did. It sent waves through the NFL, and even though a lot of chatter in the days after was about “what’s wrong with the Eagles?” it really should have been “how dangerous is Cam Newton with the game on the line?”To that end, Cam was awarded NFC Offensive Player of the Week for week seven.This is a nice change for this weekly award, as very often it goes to the player with the most gaudy stat line in the box score. It was good to see it highlight an achievement that was both statistically impressive AND representative of the context in which he achieved it. No one in football ever does anything alone, and we would be remiss not to mention some clutch plays by Torrey Smith Youth Greg Olsen Jersey , Jarius Wright, Devin Funchess, Curtis Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, and Greg Olsen. Also, no fourth quarter comeback is complete without a few defensive stands, highlighted by an Eric Reid interception that should have never been overturned but a defense playing it out and winning the game anyway.

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