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Quartz sand production process and grinding equipment

By kuangshanposui at May 24, 2019, 8:10 a.m., 10 hits

We know that the abrasive Stone Crushing Equipment quartz is the quartz sand.The design for abrasive quartz process flow is made by our engineers,basised on years of searching.Design for abrasive quartz process flow mainly consist of the follow steps. Abrasive quartz crushing.In this step,on the joint action of quartz jaw crusher and quartz cone crusher can turned the quartz material from about 100mm into below 30mm quartz stone material.
Abrasive quartz sand making. A VSI crusher can process any size of quartz sa rational and efficient production capacity. Abrasive quartz washing.By washing the abrasive quartz in the water with a quartz sand washing machine,we can improve the purity of abrasive quartz sand,which indirectly improve the quality of the processed goods. Abrasive quartz drying.This can be very good to reduce the water in the abrasive quartz sand. Abrasive quartz secondary screening.The main purpose of this step is to improve the quality of abrasive quartz sand,so that it can full performance of its various superior in industrial production.
The Mohs hardness of quartz is 7, though made of sand,the quartz sand ‚Äč‚Äčalso has the unique physical and chemical properties of quartz.Quartz sand has the characteristics of no impurities,density,abrasive,high mechanical strength.We often use abrasive quartz sand after carefully selected for making optical instruments,glass, also used for some of the shaping and sanding for art work.
VSI crusher is the requisite crusher in the design for abrasive quartz process flow.It have three crushing styles: material on material,material on iron and falling at side. This made it the key equipment in quartz sand making.It can also medium and fine crushing of other various ores and rocks. There are still many kinds of other related equipment for abrasive quartz,the PEW abrasive quartz jaw crusher,HPC abrasive quartz cone crusher and abrasive quartz vibrating screen and so on.

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