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Stone cone crusher origin and history

By kuangshanposui at Dec. 24, 2018, 6:25 a.m., 49 hits

The world's first cone Mica Stone Crushing Machine patent was published in 1878, but until the 1898 made products, from design America Mil Venky brothers two people together, so the name cone crusher. Therefore, USA using cone crusher is starting from the end of the nineteenth Century, cone crusher has a history of one hundred years. Although the use of the process improvement, improvement, but no major changes in the basic structure.
China in 1954 spring cone type to follow the Soviet Union 2100 and 1650 model of the crusher, designed and produced 1200 spring cone crusher. In 1958 the design and manufacture of large crusher of type 2200 cone crusher. After years of research and practice in our country, repeatedly, has overcome the shortcomings of the old series of spring pressure, parts strength is low and the structure of some of the shortcomings. Nowadays, the we based on the R & D 900, 1200, 1750 and 2200 spring cone crusher, cone crusher has the short head type, medium and standard type three kinds of cavity.
Cone crusher and hydraulic cone Raymond Mill foundation, independent research and development of composite cone crusher, has now become the most popular broken cone. The machine has the advantages of spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic system to adjust the breaker gape size, the hydraulic system can effectively guarantee the safe operation of equipment. When the crushing cavity of a foreign body, hydraulic system can make the moving cone automatic downward, when discharged, the system automatically reset the cone moving back, namely the realization of iron release function. In addition, Composite cone crusher has a cavity cleaning function, is very convenient operation.
Cone crusher crushing machine shape effect on the overall performance of large, type of crushing chamber is the main technical indicators broken. Composite cone crusher adopts dynamic sealing device, the sealing ring and the moving cone part is always attached in the working state, so we're breaking cone without water or oil seal, through this device, the conical core components of our relative to other cone service life is 2-3 times higher. In principle, the principle of crushing, stone by stone compaction, increase crushing amount, and the wear small. At the same time, we are applied to optimize the design of crushing cavity, ensure the uniform wear of parts, the use efficiency of parts to reach more than 75%, will not affect the production effect. To save the cost of production for customers.

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