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Hammer Crusher Head Wearing

By kuangshanposui at Nov. 28, 2018, 7:03 a.m., 757 hits

Ways to the reduction of hammer Construction Waste Crusher For Sale head wearing: select a reasonable speed. Quickly improve hammer head's impacting and hardening degree in early process; improve grate bar structure to make the material-excluding expedite; often adjust the gap between parts, so that it is in a proper range. These ways would help reduce hammer wearing. From analyzing factors that influence hammer crusher head, we should adopt different measures to reduce wearing, prolong the service life, reduce material consumption and downtime, reduce costs and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
At present, our Crusher Machine country mainly adopts high manganese steel flat hammer and impact plate. Because different manufacturer adopt different heat treatment and material, the life expectancies are also equally intervallic. Our country also researched use dilute alloy white cast iron or of high chromium iron manufacture impact hammer for its high hardness, good wearing-resistance, convenient production, low cost, which achieved good results.
There are a number of manufacturers adopt surfacing welding layer method by welding - 64" or " - 64A" electrode or high fierce steel electrode it can not only improve the wear-resistance and service life, but also repair old plate hammer or impact plate. Plate hammer shape and fixing method are very important in repairing process, besides convenient dismounting, plate hammer shape also should improve the utilization rate of the metal. Plate hammer quality should be accurate for whose error should be limited within 0.5kg, in order to ensure the smooth running of the machine rotates. In addition, the rotor cannot rotate 1 / 10 of the circumference at any state in rotor static balance experiment.

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