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Building Materials Crushing Equipment

By kuangshanposui at Nov. 23, 2018, 6:41 a.m., 775 hits

Our Construction Waste Crusher company production of building materials disposal equipment is mainly divided into two major categories of mobile crushing station and stationary crushing plant, including mobile crushing station in rubber-tyred mobile crushing station and crawler mobile crushing station is given priority to.
The mobile Construction Waste Crusher combination of station equipment is based on the main flow of sand and gravel processing, reasonably designed to achieve a variety of crushing, screening equipment, the integration of portfolio, through the vehicle system or track drive system to achieve the overall mobile operations, the flexibility of Select the construction site, the materials in a timely manner, greatly reducing the transport of the material processing costs, improve production efficiency. From the customer situation, the combination of mobile crushing plant more in line with customer wishes, SBM Heavy Industry Science & Technology research and development of dozens of mobile crushing station in the combination model, can best meet the needs of different clients.
(1) Crusher. There are many kinds of crushers, jaw crusher and impact crusher. (2) Crawler. In order to reduce shipping links, mobile crushing is required to move at any time. Crawler is more appropriate to work at the coal face with the mechanical loader buckets. Mobile crusher can directly use the crawler chassis of excavator or crane as the travel agency of mobile crusher. Mobile crusher uses motor driving wheel reducer, or a hydraulic motor. (3) Feeding and reprint agencies: Mobile crusher needs a feeder to make the raw materials enter into the crushing machine evenly. Feeding machine uses the form of ring chain scraper conveyor. Bucket unloads coals into the tank feeding mechanism. Scraper conveyor send coals evenly into the crusher. The crushed coal must be transported out, so we need a reversed loader. We can choose belt conveyor as reversed loader. The length of belt conveyor is determined by the height of truck loading. The loader can be rotated to meet the requirements of loading.

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