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Give due care to long unused machine maintenance

By kuangshanposui at Nov. 14, 2018, 6:54 a.m., 520 hits

As with other gold portable crusher dressing equipment, sand maker should be given more attention to maintenance when isn't in use for long time. Hereby, we introduce you an economic method, that is dilute hydrochloric acid. However, you should be care that rust things should not immersion too long, or the metal will take chemistry reaction. And other methods, such as ash propel and shot blast are also available. Then I will introduce you related information in details. At first, chemistry method, as its name, makes use of chemistry reaction to remove rust. We common say it acid dipping, and it can only done in workshop.
Another method is quarry crusher production line shot blast cleaning. Shot-blasting abrasives and polishing makes use of high-speed rotating impeller throwing grinding materials to the steel surface, so as to achieve the purpose of rust removal. It is a more advanced steel rust method for sand making machine cleaning processing. It is not only high efficiency, but also low cost, high degree of automation, and it is able to implement assembling operation, less environmental pollution, but it only available for indoor operation.
Peening rust, an old kind of cleaning method, mainly use particles blast erosion effects posed to reach the appropriate roughness of the surface and cleaning. The relative equipment includes open shot (sand) derusting machine obturation shot peening (sand), vacuum shot blasting (sand). Open blasting (sand) is applied more widely, providing more thorough clean all impurities of metal surfaces, such as oxidation, rust and old paint, rust removal efficiency is as high as 4~5㎡/h, high mechanical degree, good effect. But the abrasive generally cannot be recycled, and it has an impact on other jobs, has trouble in cleaning up the work site. The environmental pollution is more serious, in recent years, it gradually been restrictions in use.

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