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Notice for Sand Washing Machines Running in High Temperature

By kuangshanposui at Oct. 25, 2018, 6:27 a.m., 76 hits

In the summer of high temperature above 40。C, it is suitable for raymond mill is different from coarse powder mill people to stay at home, not even to say the large-size sand washing machine. The machines also can get sunstroke in the hot weather. However, the just passed rain in brings us some cool, while it takes some bad situation to the sand washers. Thus, it is important for both the machines and the operators to make preparation for the sunstroke prevention and moisture proof, to guarantee the high efficient and normal working of the equipment.
The working site of the High Pressure Mill Working Principle sand washing machine is always in the outdoor, which is easy for the machines to be burnout in the sunshine and easy to appear rust in the rain. To prevent these phenomenons, the experts in Company have summarized some makeable measures to avoid sunstroke and damp for the machines. Here are some measures. First of all, since the most significant component for the sand washer is the bearing, it is important to protect the bearings. The bearings are easy to be hotted while working, adding the outdoor running, the temperature is easy to be risen. Thus, it is necessary to have the bearings relax to prevent the machines from stopping. Secondly, it is the commonest machine to become damp and rust in the rainy and cloudy weather for the sand washer.
Therefore, some preparation should be made before raining. Some raw substances can be added on the machines to reach the purpose of separating the air to prevent the rust and oxidation. Sand washer supplier reminds the outdoor operators that please pay more attention to the working situation and the changing weather to prevent the sunstroke and rust of the machines. Thus, a good working environment can be created, the production efficiency can be increased and the life of the machines can be prolonged.

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