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SBM Machinery Provides Customers with the Best Construction Waste Crusher

By sbmcrusher at Oct. 25, 2017, 9:28 a.m., 249 hits

Construction waste crusher is a kind of crushing equipment that has such advantages as high technology, high energy conservation and high production. After many years of researched and development and innovation on construction waste crusher, SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. makes the excellent metal crushing equipment ahead of market sales. This breakthrough improved traditional can crushing equipment and successfully shaped the myths and legends of construction waste crusher industry. At present, SBM construction waste crusher is a new kind of environmentally friendly, highly efficient and energy saving crusher with leading technology and preferential price in the market of crusher series equipment. In the production process of construction waste crusher, SBM adopts strict quality control and continuous technical improvement and innovation to make construction waste crusher more durable in use. SBM construction waste crusher has fine discharging materials and low noise, and it is electricity and energy saving and convenient and efficient. The new construction waste crusher is equivalent to two previous old construction waste crushers. Its cost is greatly reduced, and it can achieve a better crushing effect when crushing hard materials.
This equipment uses the special blade whose hardness is not lower than HRC55 (the HRC hardness of file is 51 degrees) to strengthen structure and the dense reinforcement plate to ensure the stability of the box body. It adopts automatic button for controlling, which is safe and convenient. Security identity and label also guarantee safe use safe. Besides, construction waste crusher can be equipped with conveyor belt for material feeding and discharging. Conveyor with a magnetic roller can better separate iron and aluminum. In the crushing process, the materials in the crushing cavity can be fully, effectively and finely crushed with high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency and fine and even discharging. In addition, the whole system is equipped with dust removal device which can minimize the harm caused by dust pollution in the production process, so that the equipment has the advantages such as low noise, small pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
SBM construction waste crusher is outstanding in the crushing industry for its high output, low noise, big crushing ratio and favorable price. What SBM construction waste crusher manufacturer always insists on is to provide customers with the best crushing equipment.

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