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To Select Ore Milling Equipment as Coal Crusher Is a Mistake

By sbmcrusher at Oct. 25, 2017, 9:15 a.m., 182 hits

Ore milling equipment is almost universal crusher equipment, can be used for breaking many kinds of materials, with the most widely used application range in related industries. ore milling equipment, commonly known as the Tigers, and its principle is a kind of bionics, that is, simulate the crocodile’s jaws movement, so as to achieve the purpose of items broken. ore milling equipment has the largest breaking ratio in all types of crushers, so it’s more generally applied to coarse work.
Ore milling equipment can play a huge role in common stone production, powder making, making, breaking and ore dressing process, by breaking big material into small pieces. However, it’s difficult for ore milling equipment to break coal, and the reasons are as follows.
Coal is light, and its density is far below other type of rock, only 1.5-1.7 grams/square centimeters. The raw coal dug from coal mine has relatively smooth surface, which will cause a phenomenon that some coals can’t be broken when jaw board squeezes. Therefore, the production is often low if use ore milling equipment as coal crusher.
The author would not like to recommend customers using ore milling equipment for crushing of coal, because according to the different moisture content of coal, different crusher equipment should be chosen. If the moisture content of coal is below 8%, hammer crusher and inversed impact crusher can be selected, if moisture content of coal is high, up to 30-40%, only roll crusher can be chosen. For investment in coal, customers should be aware of the coal industry, and select appropriate crusher equipment for crushing coal with different moisture content.

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