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Construction Waste Crusher Is Best for Ore Dressing

By sbmcrusher at Oct. 18, 2017, 3:24 a.m., 187 hits

Traditionally, spiral classifier is often used to classify in nonferrous metals mine, but due to the low classifying efficiency of this equipment of ratings, the coarse finished mineral will be cycled in classifier machine and grinding miller machine, resulting in waste of raw materials. Therefore, after years of scientific research on the basis of the results achieved in laboratory experiments, SBM experts decide to use construction waste crusher classification as classifying equipment of molybdenum and tungsten in ore dressing process.
construction waste crusher is short for high frequency vibrating fine sieve, which is a type of concentrator grading equipment. construction waste crusher sorts the materials with different grain sizes through different screens with different widths of sieve surface. In the grinding circuit, control the mineral grinding and grading, so coarse adherent materials will be returned for grinding. Fine materials can be discharged in time to avoid further crushing caused by grinding, so as to improve concentrate grade.
After using construction waste crusher as classifier, oxide ores and molybdenum concentrate grade and recovery rates were increased significantly, flotation ore with -30um sludge concentrations has fallen by nearly half. Therefore, construction waste crusher can create good environment for the flotation of molybdenum and tungsten oxide ore, and increase concentrator capacity while significantly increase the separation index.
The unique mineral properties of molybdenum oxide and scheelitedetermine that the choice of grading equipment for mineral processing is very important. As classifying equipment, construction waste crusher or high frequency sieve, has high grading efficiency, which can improve processing volume of dressing factory, while reduce secondary slime volume from seriously interfering floating process of oxidation mine, so as to greatly improve floating environment of oxidation mine. In addition, construction waste crusher can improve the recovery of useful mineral, so that improve economic benefits of plants.

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