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Analysis on the development prospect of sand making machine

By sbmcrusher at Oct. 17, 2017, 3:35 a.m., 152 hits

National Bureau of Statistics recently released by the industry to increase the value of the industry's growth data show that in March 2009 the national scale industrial enterprises in the month of the month (the main business income of 5000000 yuan or more enterprises) increased by 8.3%, an increase of 5.1%. In which the industry is a sub industry generic equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, electrical sand making machine and equipment manufacturing industry grew by 11.4%, 14.4%, 12.5%, respectively, an increase of 6.8%, 11.3%, 9.5%. Overall, the production of some products and sub sectors of the sand machine industry has emerged signs of a rebound in the bottom of the industry. In March this year, the production of sand machine industry, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical equipment and equipment manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing PMI data and in the manufacturing industry in a leading position, indicating that the production and downstream demand recovery in the sand machine industry is greater than other manufacturing industries. This shows that the country to expand domestic demand, increase investment in infrastructure and investment policies and measures to make the sand machine industry pull effect has begun to show.
At present, heavy sand making machine equipment, electrical equipment, engineering system sand machine industry situation better, have a higher growth in industrial added value; although improved machine tool industry, but the lower reaches of the demand for machine tools will remain in the doldrums, industry in 2009 the face is difficult; shipbuilding industry due to world recession caused by weak external demand, there is still no signs of recovery.

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