Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick lists 2 Ravens on his top 7 AFC North players list The Cincinnati Bengals are riding high after taking care of business last Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens to get to 2-0 and claim sole possession of the AFC North. Through two weeks Cheap Justin Tucker Jersey , the Bengals look every bit the part of a contender for the division crown, and as such, you’d think they’d have a read on what’s going on around it. Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick certainly seems to, having just penned a well written article for the Players’ Tribune about the seven best players the AFC North has to offer. At least one player from each of the four teams makes an appearance, and two of them are on the Baltimore Ravens.The first of which is a new face to the division - wide receiver Michael Crabtree checking in at number 7:In reference to the 2016 matchup between Oakland and Baltimore, Kirkpatrick says he definitely understands why the Ravens front office chose to go after him when he became available:After some serious woes at the position that seemed especially pronounced last year, it’s good to see a Ravens player at the position get some love. Crabtree is seemingly settling in nicely as the go to chain mover for the next Raven on Kirkpatrick’s list.Quarterback Joe Flacco checks in at number 4:Flacco has experienced a bit of a fall from grace since hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, but it’s clear that certain players still have respect for what he can do. Kirkpatrick seems to be one of them, noting that despite his shift from an aggressive mindset to a more tight one, Flacco still has the tools to get it done.In terms of the rest of the list, it fully reads out as follows:7. Crabtree6. CB Joe Haden5. DE Myles Garrett 4. Flacco 3. QB Ben Roethlisberger2. WR A.J. GreenWR Antonio BrownIt’s definitely an interesting list Youth Brandon Carr Jersey , and an even better read when you notice Kirkpatrick doesn’t allow any bias to come into play. Two of the top three players are Steelers, and the only Bengal he lists is A.J. Green at two who could easily be argued for number one. It’s certainly worth a look to get an insight on some of the strengths and weaknesses of players around the division from as primary a source as you can get. We’ll see just how correct (or otherwise) Kirkpatrick is moving forward as the AFC North continues to take shape.Ravens head coach John Harbaugh says he respects and appreciates Rams for joint practices For the next couple days the Baltimore Ravens will host the Los Angeles Rams in joint practices in Owings Mills, Maryland. John Harbaugh expressed his excitement today at the podium post-practice.“Sean and I have spent a lot of time talking,” Harbaugh said of the Ram head coach. “Our coordinators have been back-and-forth.”Harbaugh mentioned both teams practice with a similar structure.“I think it will be very smooth running because we kind of practice the same way,” Harbaugh said. “It’s going to be great to have them in here. We respect them and we appreciate their help coming in.”The practices will feature the same parameters as the Ravens have run thus far.“It’s the same parameters as we have at our practices,” Harbaugh stated. “There will be no tackling to the ground. . . It will just be ‘bumping’.”As it has been mentioned, Baltimore has not run a full-tackling practice, unless the cancelled stadium practice featured so. I don’t suspect they did as it was the first day in pads.Bobby Engram, the Ravens wide receiver coach, also expressed his excitement for the joint practices.“I love it,” Engram said. “I think it’s old school training camp. I think we’re tired of going against each other Cheap Marlon Humphrey Jersey , to a certain extent. Obviously, they’re a really good football team. It will be a good challenge for our guys, in particular our young guys that have only had one game under their belt and didn’t get extensive reps. For them to go against another quality team, NFL caliber, in practice, they’ll get to test themselves against somebody else and see where they are.”John Brown, who also spoke at the podium, mentioned his feelings towards playing against a former divisional rival.“Most definitely, I’m excited,” Brown said.

Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick lists 2

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