Under the action of friction, the surface of the two relatively sliding counter-type <a href="“>Sand Making Machine</a> will be plastically deformed, the surface pollution film and oxide film will be broken, and the metal surface of the counter-type sand making machine will be exposed, due to the molecular force. The effect is to weld the two surfaces. If the external force can overcome the bonding force of the welding joint, the relatively sliding surface can continue to move. If the shear occurs on the original contact surface, there will be no wear, or zero wear. If the shear occurs on the metal side of the lower strength counter-type sand making machine, the counter-type sand making machine metal of the counter-type sand making machine assembly will adhere to the surface of the high-strength counter-type sand making machine. In the subsequent repeated friction process, the metal impact of the soft counter-type sand making machine will be twisted between the surface of the sword and the sword. This phenomenon is called metal transfer of the counter-type sand making machine. Some adhered impact sander metals may be detached from the metal surface of the impact sander in the subsequent sliding to become a wear product &mdash; wear debris and adhesive wear are a common form of wear. It occurs and develops very quickly, and it is easy to cause sudden accidents in parts or machines, causing huge losses. The wear of many parts is also related to the adhesive wear mechanism. Such as tools, molds, gauges, gears, turbines, cams, various bearings, rails, etc. In the manufacture of the first artificial satellite, the designer’s door was a bit sticky. In the cosmic environment, the adhesion is very serious due to the absence of oxygen, so adhesive wear is a critical issue for aerospace and aerospace technology. Due to the universality of adhesive wear, all advanced industrial countries attach great importance to it and carry out a lot of scientific research work on it.
Mining machinery built by ZENITH Heavy Machinery can achieve the harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization of solid waste treatment. The main products are jaw crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, counter-type <a href=”">Silica sand beneficiation plant</a>, sand making machine, mineral processing equipment, etc., to provide our customers with more efficient and high quality. The crushing equipment products and sincere and perfect service have made greater contributions to the development of crusher equipment industry in China.

Research on Adhesive Wear of Counter-type Sand Making Machine

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